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On Reaching 50!

I was moved beyond words can express today. A lady offered me a seat beside her on the bus home. She started a conversation telling me how beautiful my skin is and asking what I use on my face. I told her I don’t use anything expensive but remember starting the cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisture routine from I was about 15 years. Her response was ‘That was 10 years ago’ and I had to tell her I am 50 on Saturday.

Anyway for some reason I don’t feel like making a fuss about my 50th. This is not like me as for the past 10 years I’ve planned what I want to do at 50 including riding a Harley dressed in leather. In fact, prior to returning to the UK I was planning on doing so around Chapman’s Peak – South Africa followed by a big party at my favourite hang out Motherland Coffee Company & Brewers. I have been know in the past to end relationships if he didn’t acknowledge my birthday or start celebrating a week in advance. Its very strange how I am so laid back about this particular birthday. Either I am getting older and wiser, having a different perspective on life or I’m in denial. I must confess that the expense of moving country, finding a place to live in London and starting a new job in the past month have not done justice to my pocket but I don’t think this is the reason even though it’s a constraint. I actually have no desire for parties and my prayer to God was ‘You are my Father. You know it’s my 50th birthday, so I’m leaving this one up to you’.

So as I revealed my age to the lady on the bus, her response was ‘You’re still young’
She then handed me a book with a poem and asked me to read it, saying that this poem is for me.


Well, anyone who knows me well, know that I love poetry. I was so moved, I asked if I could take a photo. She said ‘No’ and then handed me the book.


Still moved, I asked her to sign it. She went on to say how I have brighten her day and have uplifted her spirit.


She wrote:

Karen, you are very fragile, and too strong in love. Thank you for your energy. Congratulations. Happy Birthday.

Big Kiss on your day.

Your smile (transmit) give to us energy…

Such beautiful words. Honestly I am still not sure what I did. All I can say is that my Father who knows my heart has answered my prayers and sent me an angel with the most beautiful poem as a gift for my 50th birthday. The best present ever!

Thank You Father. I’m here worrying about not wanting to celebrate my 50th. Today I’ve realised that I’m already celebrated!:-)

Thanks Ana!

‘Young Woman’

by Ana Maria Leocadio


Pure and simple

Mind of a child,

Body transforming.

Changing slowly

Ripening for life.

How beautiful you are!

Your ways as yet unset,

Are unaware of what can awaken in one’s mind.

Without malice, like nature

Which does everything with simplicity.

You’re in the living of our times,

With perfection,

From the poem, the most beautiful flower

Of this age.

Girl, you are yet a child

At the awakening of the spring of life.

It is so lovely to see you in the wheel of time,

Taken by your own breeze

That is changing you into a woman.

You have much to learn through living,

Winning the stages little-by-little

In the emotions of day-to-day.

Which you will have.

There is still serenity in your eyes

That the world has not yet contaminated.

You are a sweetheart rocked by time,

Muse in which life has found inspiration.



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