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Living in La La Land

Recently I watched the film La La Land. The choice of film was made by a friend of mine who thought I would love it. I didn’t get to read the reviews prior to watching as I always do. I must confess that at the beginning of the film, I felt like walking out and was thanking God that I didn’t pay to watch this so called film/musical. If I wanted to see a musical I would go to the theatre, I thought. I stayed amidst whispers of disappointment with my friend sitting next to me, managing to catch the story as the singing and dancing subsided.


The film didn’t leave me with a tear in my eye or a song in my heart. In fact I was a little bit angry for both with many unanswered whys. It’s a shame they could not reconcile love with their ambition but maybe I have too much faith in happy endings:-) I was thoroughly disappointed until reality hits me later ….that I might be living in La La Land.

A twist ending movie. Go and see it.


La La Land – the movie

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