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Leave people business alone!

My plan was to blog more while I was recovering from surgery but as I anticipated that most would be filled with moans and groans and probably feeling sorry for myself , I decided not to.

Today I walked wearing shoes – not one but two ! Ok with the help of being drugged up on paracetemols and wearing insoles but for me this is major progress.



Imagine the feeling of joy when I carried my laptop and my portable cycle machine into the living room, all at once, without the help of crutches and a trolley.

A friend who visted me during the early period of my recovery, laughed at me pushing a trolley around  as it reminded him of his Nan but this is how I coped.


What marvelled me during this period were the comments and attitudes from people  re my progress. Some could not understand why it was taking so long and took it upon themselves to diagnose my condition and how long they think my healing should take. I had to put up with comments such as ‘I had the same surgery and it only took me a few weeks to recover’; ‘Aren’t you walking by now?’; ‘You are still in that walker boot?’; ‘When are you going back to work?’; ‘You should learn to walk on one crutch’; ‘My friend had the same surgery and he was preaching in his walker boot in church on Sunday’. Not to mention those who started out with you on the journey and gave up because it is taking too long.

Here’s my two penny bit of wisdom which I borrowed from the web…..


Even Solomon in all his wisdom tells us ‘There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens’ (Ecclesiastes 3:1-3) including a time to heal.

We are all on a journey whether its physical healing or a spiritual journey. Every journey is different and how long that journey takes is determined by many factors. It could be age, body make up, confidence or even past or personal experiences and it in this case the complexity of the operation. The best thing is not to force that process and allow people to find their way. I remember in my training as a counsellor we were taught that the counselling process  is like walking with someone through a maze. Our job is not to point them the way out but to journey with them untill they find the way out. And this is a technique I practise when I counsel. Instead of judging, let’s stop and listen to their story.

I recently saw this post on Facebook and although it is funny, it rings true for most of us.


I do not like to be forced into anything especially when it comes to my spiritual life and I guess this is manifested in my vocational journey and physical life. I remember as a teenager being forced up to the altar each Sunday in a Pentecostal church by so called prayer warriors continuously shaking my head because they felt I needed to be filled with the Holy Spirit. One Sunday, I guess I had enough of people messing up my hair and pretended (I thought then) to speak in tongues. That was in the early 80’s and it took an Alpha Holy Spirt weekend at Holy Trinity Brompton over a decade later for me to confirm that that experience was perhaps real.

There is a joy in knowing that you have not been forced into a situation , to come to that plaace where you feel you have achieved something or made a decision on your own and yes with genuine encouragement from others.

I’m on a journey, we are all on a journey, so please let’s be patient with each other and ourselves and for those who find this hard to do….then, Leave people business alone!


Many thanks to all those who prayed, encouraged and helped me on this journey. There is still  more healing to come. Value your continued prayers.



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