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With whose eyes do you see?

eyes of christ

What if we viewed others through the same lens that Christ does? Would we see anything different? What does it mean to look at others the way Christ do; to see them through God’s eyes?

 The world saw only that Jesus was eating with tax gatherers and sinners…but Jesus saw people in need of a great physician. (Luke 5: 27-32)

The world saw only a blind beggar named Bartimaeous shouting above the crowd and disturbing those around Him….but Jesus saw a man reaching out in faith and in need of mercy. (Mark 10:46-52)

The world saw only a group of children annoying the Master….but Jesus saw their innocent trust and a kingdom that belong to such as these. (Matthew 19: 13-15)

The world saw only a crooked tax gatherer named Zaccheus becoming rich through the suffering of others….but Jesus saw a man ready to be broken with an act of repentance. (Luke 19: 1 -9)

The world saw only the crowd pressing in on Him from all sides….but Jesus sensed the touch of His garment by a trembling woman. (Luke 5: 25-32)

The world saw only a woman caught in the very act of adultery and deserving condemnation….but Jesus saw a daughter in need of forgiveness. (John 8: 1 -11)

The world saw only a robber crucified as a common thief….but Jesus saw a soul worth dying for. (Luke 23: 39-43)

Such examples are not only evident in scriptures but we encounter these  in our every day 21st century living. The scenes may have changed but the attitudes remain the same.

The world sees only a man dying with AIDS and whispers that he probably deserves it….but Jesus sees someone who’s alone and afraid of dying.

The world sees only the alcoholic, lost and grouping in darkness….but Jesus sees someone whose life can be restored.

The world sees the young drug addict deserving to be locked up in prison….but Jesus sees someone searching for significance and a way to deal with their pain.

The world sees only the Christian leader who has stumbled badly and fallen before the eyes of so many….but Jesus sees someone who’s worthy of grace and help in time of need.

The world sees only the rebellious teenager wanting to end his/her life….but Jesus sees someone who has never been accepted and starving for approval.

The world sees only the colour of someone’s skin…..but Jesus sees a vessel fearfully and wonderfully made, created in the image of Almighty God.

The world sees only the woman who’s always anxious and depressed….but Jesus sees the single Mom struggling to survive and needing the support and understanding of others.

The world sees only the throw aways in prison, the crippled, the poor and the homeless….but Jesus sees the precious souls who have yet to be invited to the banqueting table.


As Christians we are not only the ‘hands and feet’ of Jesus but the eyes too. Instead of asking “What would Jesus do?” perhaps we need to ask “What would Jesus see?”

A pregnant Hagar wandering in the desert, running away from her mistress Sarai, encountered God and gave this name to the Lord  who spoke to her ‘You are One who sees me’  – El Roi  (Genesis 16:13a)

Here is a God who sees us and knows us just as we are as well as all that concerns us.

As I am writing this blog I began to have thoughts of this coming Friday 18th July – Mandela’s (Madiba) day.

The world saw a trouble maker, a terrorist, a non-conformist…but Jesus saw someone who was passionate about freedom, social justice and human rights for all people; a future leader and a Nobel Peace prize winner!

Let us be willing to look beyond the outward appearance, read the meaningful story that exists between the lines, and fully sensed and be in sync with the heartbeat of God. Moreover, let us learn to find the right balance and speak the truth in love. (Ephesians 4:15)


Here’s 67 different ways to donate 67 minutes of your time for some common good, which will change the world and you, tomorrow and into the future. These can be applied in your own context.

67 Ideas for Mandela Day

Richard Branson is giving his 67 minutes. Will you?

Break free from your mold!


Get out of the fishbowl!


Dare to be different!

2014-07-14 01.00.16

“There is nothing more important in life than giving.”

Nelson Mandela

Some words taken from  the article ‘Manifesting Christ’ by Tim Clinton and Eric Scalise


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