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Song of Songs – My Jamaican dish

I wrote this today when I was fasting. I am no sure if this was inspired by my lack of food, thoughts of  a loved one or both. All I can say is this put a spin on sackcloth and ashes. This could only come about through prayer and fasting.

Lighten up and enjoy!:-)

 You’re my yellow heart breadfruit and roast saltfish,
My cheese trix and banana chips
My mackerel rundown,
My cheddar cheese a HTB bun
My coconut water
My roast yam and chiffon butter
Oh! I just want to give you a pucker.

My stew peas, My sweet cassava ball,
My tamarind and stolen guinep,
I’ve not met anyone like you yet.
My roast fish and festival
Lawd! mi an yuh are gonna have a carnival

My tangarine, My Julie mango in time.
You’re definitely one of a kind
And soo mine!

 My sweetsop,  My coconut drops
My hard dough bread and avocado pear,
Come closer, I want to draw you near.
My hot Tastee patty
Only you can make me happy

My star apple
My  icicle
My naseberry
Oh! you make me merry
My sky juice and ‘suck suck’
My long awaited luck
My shave ice
Bwoy yuh nice!

My Gizzada, blue draws and sweet potatoe pudding.
My best childhood memories,
My grandmother’s cooking.

My cool dude
My soul food
You’re too good to mention
You’re a hot temptation
Mmmh! Mmmh! Mmmh!
I just can’t get enough of you:-)

jamaican food



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