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Bread For Life

Today I had a very interesting experience which is worth noting. Without going into details, I didn’t get the outcome I was expecting from an appointment I had. I was so angry, basically because I felt powerless as God’s will took over – not mine. So much so that I went and help to feed the homeless…something I wanted to do a long time but didn’t get around to doing.


I was so blessed by the worship and just being among them. I felt as if there was a purpose to me being in South Africa, a very rewarding experience. One of the homeless guys asked me ‘Are you volunteering?’ I replied ‘Yes’ and he said ‘God bless you’.

I am thankful that my anger was displaced into doing something useful, proving that God is always in control. He had engineered the miracle I wasn’t hoping for.

Prior to running into church I went into a bookshop to find a book that I could read to calm my nerves and help to explain the outcome of today. I came across a CD entitled ‘ Roach Approach – Don’t miss the boat’. I had to laugh. Either it’s all in my head, a coincidence or God has a sense of humour. As far as I am concerned the ‘Roach Approach’ has failed. And yes I did buy the CD. At R30 it’s great value for a lesson worth remembering.


You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail. Proverbs 19:31 (NLT)

 Bread For Life




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