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For my Dad:-)

I would like to pay you this tribute
A chance to restitute

I remember you being an absentee
You’re later reassurance of being there, I held in disbelief
Seeing this as your attempt to appease

I had an early recollection of you leaving
which left me sobbing and pleading
On reflection
This resulted in fear of rejection

You are great at counselling
You have this gift of listening
Healing my emotional feelings
yet giving me wings to sort out my own proceedings

You may appear quiet and distant
But deep down you’re a great thinker
With empathy beyond resistance

‘I love you’, you’re not afraid to express
Deep down I’ve always been Daddy’s girl, I must confess
“You’re just like your Dad”, my Mom would say
And  I am like that even till today
The bond that holds us from birth
Cannot be unearthed

You shape my identity
Talking to you brings much strength and clarity
Hearing my Dad’s voice helps me get back on track
Reminding me that he’s got my back

Dad, you’ve been my greatest encourager
And my greatest defender
You’re struggle to be Father
Is also mine in becoming your daughter
This is part of my spiritual journey
One I’m not prepared to take lightly

You’ve been the earthy footprints in the sand,
When I couldn’t hear you’re voice
And ignoring you seems to be the only choice
You’ve been carrying me, even holding my hand.

So this poem is to honour you
And to say I love you too:-)

 Because You Loved Me



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