Wintery Cape Land

My body is failing
under Cape Town winter’s beating
2 blankets, a duvet, a blankie and hot water bottle
There’s no space on my bed to shuffle
No central heating
This is defeating!
My daily walks replaced
By listening to CCFM talks
Long cold nights spent reading
Lord help me! I am pleading.
The flu has come and gone
And I’m losing my charm
Maybe I’ve lost my bravado
Since I’ve stopped eating avocado
I better stock up on some Pro-Nutro

Nothing is working
I’m stopped short of cursing
Swimming is a bore
Getting out of bed a chore
As I tensed my body
My bones grew colder
I feel I’m getting older
The next option is to marry
But I cannot tarry
A married friend think I’m being delusional
Get an electric blanket, she say, that’s the solution
Thank God for Dis-Chem
I’ve invested in one of them
I need to stop this debating, hibernating
My energy bill is escalating:-)

2014-05-18 19.35.52


2 comments on “Wintery Cape Land

  1. Lovely poem Karen but it is really not so bad – South Africans are strong & durable 😉

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