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Cross Roads

I’m sharing this poem from a book of the same name by Wm Paul Young – also author of The Shack. I began reading the book yesterday afternoon and couldn’t put it down and as a result I’ve been up most of night reading it to the end.

Basically it’s a story about a man (a multi-millionaire) who after making a mess of his life, had an accident and while in a coma was given a second chance to put right his wrongs and the opportunity to do something truly amazing for someone. A truly inspirational read!

2014-06-01 13.54.46


Crossed Roads

I met you at he crossing
Where one road finds another
I did not even ask you name
I would not even bother

I looked  at only what I saw
And did not see you fall
And even though I said I loved
I hardly loved at all

I didn’t mean to leave you there
It wasn’t my intent
I simply looked the other way
And said nothing I meant

I didn’t choose to cross this road
Although it’s what I wanted
Instead pretended you weren’t there
Believed you never counted

Oh, see I have this golden chain
Tied round my throat and heart
A bond more real to me than you
Is keeping us apart

I need a Voice to answer me
I need Someone who’s true
I need new eyes that let me see
That in my me is You

Oh, Someone please now guide me cross
This road betwixt between
And join my broken bits of soul
to real that is unseen:-)


(From ‘Cross Roads – Wm Paul Young)



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