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To God be the Glory!


Only God knows how to Elevate!

Below is a featured magazine article on my community work (page 9 of pdf link – 16/17 of magazine)

Click to access today_magazine_autumn2013_edition_1.pdf

As I prepare to leave on 14 Jan 2014 for a year’s volunteer placement in Gordons Bay – South Africa, I will take these words with me.

“You will restore me to even greater honor and comfort me once again.”(Psalm 71:21 – NLT)

These words were given to be by a friend – Sunday Asoso during my time as a student at the London School of Theology.

I can only see the past 4 years as a time of training, character building and preparation for what God has in store for me. It meant living out of my comfort zone, great lack in some areas and a lot of tears but God has got me through the years and made me stronger.

Thanks to all those who have supported me during this period and for my mission trip. May thanks especially to my vicar and parish priest Fr. David Cherry who has put up with my varying emotions – tears, uncertainties, running away,coming back and many requests:-) God will repay you.

I’ll be making waves in South Africa!!!:-)

Mission To SA – http://missiontosa.yolasite.com

Happy 2014 to you all! Value your prayers.


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