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Heartache or Magical Encounter

Love is everything.
It is the sharing of songs and of silences, and
the holding of memories only the heart can see.
It is the flame from which we light the torch of life,
a kind of nourishment we EMBRACE in the quiet of our souls.

imagesLove exists in many forms and it touch shapes us
into the people we BECOME.
In its infinite layers, love is the very strength upon which
we live and breathe, hope and dream.

When we pause to reflect upon the many
chapters of out lives, we find that our most
CHERISHED MEMORIES are born of the heart –
be it the love we learned from our parents or
the love we give our children, the lessons learned through
heartache or the MAGICAL ENCOUNTER of a Soul Mate.

love-quotes-we-say-we-love-flowersI came across this blog by accident and found it quite inspiring.

‘For if one of the soul mates chooses to grow and the other does not, they must part.’
How sad! Lessons learned..medals won..Time for a new beginning.

So here’s to you…..

Sitting on the stairs
Overwhelmed in tears
Frozen in motion
My heart leaping like waters in commotion

I’ve waited with bated breath
At times it felt almost like death
For the right answer
Cause I know you are no chancer

You’re the one who has stolen my heart
And from you I never want to be apart….or must part.



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