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Going through the mill

During those times when you feel as if you’ve been through the mill, kicked and used as a punching bag by the enemy, you have to remind yourself of  who you are and your position in Christ.

The following verses serves as a reminder but before I download these on you, I am also reminded of Jesus suffering especially the scene in ‘The Passion of the Christ’ where he was  beaten, kicked, spat on, but he did not utter a word! He had every right to retaliate but he didn’t, in fact he had no sin in him to deserve such treatment and yet he remained silent.

There’s a lesson this for me to learn, with all my groaning  and complaining, my whys and giving  God ultimatums. The bible tells us that as disciples we will undergo the same suffering as Jesus did.   In strengthening the other disciples and encouraging them to remain strong in their faith, Paul in Acts 14:21 reminded them ”We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of heaven’


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