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Straight Talk – Can you add to this?

The definition of ‘bonus’ is; Something given or paid in addition to what is usual or expected. Note well, ‘in addition’ and ‘what is usual’The late Pastor Bimbo Adekoya during her ‘Peculiar Singles’ ministry recommended asking the question in dating ‘Can you add to this?’
‘Add’, not necessarily in monetary value but in virtues.

How and why did I get onto this topic? 🙂 Lol
I recently came across a radio station Love 101 FM via the Tunein App on my mobile. This is a Christian radio station broadcasting from Kingston Jamaica. I was listening to the talk show ‘Dear Pastor’ and the discussion was one of Premier Gospel’s presenters Dave P favourite topics i.e. on dating, singleness and marriage.
A lady phoned in from New York sharing her frustration of not finding the right partner, claiming that most men are frightened of her strong personality, independence and intelligence as well as sharing her frustrations as a result of the advances from married men to which she refrain from due to her upbringing. She goes on to say ‘I went to a high school in Jamaica where girls were taught how to be proper ladies which is not acceptable these days’. This statement resonate.
The radio pastor empathised with her and encouraged her to keep strong.One guy ringing from the US just wanted to announce his availability for dating and the pastor did not make fun in telling him not to use his radio programme to find women.

An interesting comment during a discussion with another caller was ; No one is perfect and we need to be aware of our own faults. It throws up the question, ‘If you have 10 things on your list of virtues and you meet someone who meets 5 of these would you turn that person down, or is it a matter of compromise?’

Then there is the other question, how does one maintain your spirituality when faced with carnality?

Galatians 5:2 tells us;
“And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.”

Easier said than done?
“it is going to cost the natural in you everything, not something.” says Oswald Chambers.

Each of these heroes of faith–Moses, Elijah, Noah, Abraham, and David–found the key to returning to the strength of God. It has never changed from their day to ours. The key to moving from carnality to spirituality is confessing your sins.

“Beware of refusing to go to the funeral of your own independence.
The natural life is not spiritual, and it can only be made spiritual by sacrifice. It is not a question of praying, but of performing.” – Oswald Chambers.

Jesus has already paid the price for our life on the cross of Calvary with the ladder of upgrade to eternal life. That’s how precious we are and when we come to realise this, it will then encourage our self-worth and influence us in our choosing.

Again ‘It is not only a question of praying, but of performing!’ (O.C)

But it’s not easy O! Take it from a godly, strong, single, black, intelligent female:-)

Can you add to this?


Jesus Paid A Debt That He Did Not Owe


There’s never enough it seems, when we draw our pay.

And we spend what was meant for that rainy day.

But the love for money will not pay our bills.

It’s our love for Jesus, and because he climbed that hill.


Our Lord went up that hill, and freely gave all.

It was not for his sins, it was so we wouldn’t fall.

He could have said I’ve not sinned, and I will not go.

But he was nailed to a cross, for a debt he did not owe.


Jesus paid a debt that he did not owe.

For we owed a debt, that we could not pay.

While on the cross, our Lord’s blood did flow.

And he paid for our debts, on the hill that day.


We need to think of others, like the Lord thought of us.

By helping them along, we will earn their trust.

If Jesus hadn’t cared, and not went up the hill that day.

Then who would have paid the debts that we could not pay.


Written By Ken Ferguson – Copyright 1998

“I just love Love, because Love loves me” – Dave Paul
Tune into ‘Arise & Shine every Sunday morning from 7am – 12 noon to get a taste of the ‘Love Master’ DaveP via the weblink www.premiergospel.org.uk, on your DAB or smartphone.


Emotions by V9 Collective


One comment on “Straight Talk – Can you add to this?

  1. Thank you for your words of inspiration today … It has taken a while to respond to you via your blog, but your comments via my blog has made the difference today. Thank you! You can read my thanks based on a post 19.5.2013.

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