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What? I’m not!



I’m not a novelty toy to play with, whenever you like,

just to experience some joy.

I’m a child of God struggling to find myself in this place called world

and identifying myself as His pearl.

I’m not a dictionary you can pull out

To look up, clarify some words, find some meaning

And then put me back on the shelf for another evening

I’m just an inquisitive mind trying to

find the answers myself to being

I’m not some puzzle you can pull apart, admire some bits

Then fit me back together at your own wit

I’m unique, created for a purpose as God is gracious

I’m not a bank who you can withdraw from

misusing my generousity  with such audacity

I’m only exercising my heart and gift of giving

to experience  full living.

I’m not an object for you to gloat over to

satisfy your fantasies leaving me with the complexities of what and why?

I’m a godly woman seeking to identify herself with her maker

praying and hoping he will make this world and me safer.


 (K.M.Roach 21/10/2012)


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