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Unfinished Business


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If I have not allowed Christ

to access my deepest hurts and pains

then how can I help others

during their times of hurts and pains?

How can I help to bind up broken hearts

When my heart is broken?

How can I set captives free

When I feel like a captive?

How can I release prisoners

When I am still in prison?

How can I proclaim God’s favour

If I have not allowed his favour in my life?

How can I comfort mourners

When I am in mourning?

How can I provide for those who grieve

When I am overwhelmed with grief?

How can I bestow on them a crown of beauty

When everything seems ugly?

The oil of gladness when I’m experiencing sadness?

A garment of praise when I’m in despair?

 How can a blind man lead?

With the help of a guide dog?

How effective is that?

He can only go so far – he’s limited, restricted.

How can I be called oaks of righteousness

When I am so preoccupied with my own unworthiness?

A vessel and planting to display God’s splendour

When I am just a weed, not good for anything

But to be thrown in the fire?

Given a mandate to re-build, restore and renew

Afforded the help of others – foreigners and be provided for

Being called ‘priests of the Lord? ministers of God?

Promised wealth and riches, removal of shame

In return for a double portion and everlasting joy

Removal of disgrace in return for great rejoicing?

Why me Lord? I hear you cry

I’m not worthy in your sight!

Others say I’m not worthy!

Why me Lord?

And He said,

‘Because I am your God who love justice.

I hate robbery and iniquity,

And because I am a faithful God

I will make an everlasting covenant with them

You and your offspring will be known among the nations

And when you see them

You will acknowledge that these people are blessed by God

Lord I’m not worthy but

Because you considered me

Worthy enough to stretched out

Your arms and die for me

To use me in my weakness

And make me strong

To love me unconditionally

When all other intention is to discard me

I will greatly delight in my Lord

My soul rejoices in my God

For He has clothe me with garments of salvation

And arrayed me in robe of righteousness

He called me His bridegroom

And adorn my head like a priest

He called me His bride and adorn

My neck with jewels

As the soil makes the sprout came up

And a garden causes seeds to grow

So the sovereign Lord will make my

Righteousness and praise spring before

All nations.

Lord, I surrender

All I am and all I have is yours

I will pursue whatever you want me to

Use me according to your will!



[Some words taken from Isa. 61]

K.M.Roach (to be updated)

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