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A Woman of Colour



Here is a woman of beauty, godly favour, power and confidence with the ability to assert herself where necessary. A true substance, a giver of love, true devotion and harmony but  caught up in a cultural revolution.

She was always at the top of her class and exhibits the spirit of excellence in everything she does. She has faced several obstacles in accessing her dreams due to her class and status.

She is a woman of colour in a society forcing her to drop her old customs and cultural norms to be accommodated thus losing her identity. Attempting to place her into a box carved out by ideas ingrained since childhood. She must deal with this difficult choice and her future goals.

She represents iron, power, to some aggression, misconstrued assertion. Her presence has a warm and invigorating effect. She is intellectual and quick-witted; her greatest yearning is for stability, endurance and quietude.

Her growth has been stunted; held back by a desire to please, give and win the approval of others.

Her visions are probably attributed to someone in a depressed state of mind or the work of the devil.

She is seen by many as having an excessive enthusiasm about her faith in God.

She is caught up in a world full of materialism which seek to harm her spirit, moral, health; encouraging crime, jealousy, hatred, inhibitions, inferiority complexes, suicide, stunting her development with an attempt to pervert the radiation of her personal magnetism, her ability to give and take, inhibiting optimism and inspiration.

In her own strength she attempts to fight all this negativity, this false dictum that ‘Man shall live by bread alone’

She knows better that at the onset of Jesus ministry, he faced a major onslaught by the enemy, left hungry for 40 days and 40 nights, but His response was ‘Man shall not live by bread alone.’ He was promised all the kingdom of the world if he would only worship the enemy and He replied ‘Worship the Lord your God only’. Faced with weakness, hunger, He drew on His God-given power, allowing God to fight this battle which he won and was then led into His ministry


She long to be like Jesus, having the wisdom of the spirit, His true devotion, focus and zeal.

At times she struggles to reposition herself and redirect the sail of her boat into the wind of the spirit. She has been ship-wrecked, encountered storms, knocked down, misused, betrayed and her kindness abused. Her desire is to let her soul catch the wind of the spirit so that God can take her into harbour.

And yet God has promised that no weapon formed against her will prosper and  He will fight for her. He will increase her honour and comfort her once again. He will uphold her with his righteous right hand.

God is her strength, her rock and her fortress. Though everything may seem to fall apart – God is with her and within her.

If only she will deepen her trust in Him– throw off her false self of independence and hide herself in Christ; accept His love for her and freely drink from the well of life – the spring of living water so that she will never thirst again.

Only then can she operate in the knowledge of Christ – see herself as God sees her, gain the ability to shut out the lies of the enemy, refusing to live in bondage and experiencing  freedom in Christ!

Your kinda woman? A Woman of Colour.


“Your strength is made perfect in weakness; your courage comes from knowing that you are loved and accepted by God; your independence is forged through your dependence on God.” – B. Whipple.


K.M.Roach – 03/02/2011 @ 9.15 am


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