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You see me?

You see me thru your own misconstrued worldview.

Thru your blackened, broken mirror.

You see me thru your own, fed cultural ideas and experiences.

You see me thru examples set by others.

You see me thru the eyes of the media

You see me thru what was thought of from old and new

You see me thru socities’ views.

You see me through limited vision, ingrained childhood teaching, misconceptions.

You see me by listening to others.

You have never taken the chance, had a chance to experience the real me.

Afraid to venture because of your taught taboos.

A cultural revolution will not do.

Even with Godly transformation, renewing of the mind,

You still accomodate your faulty ideas of me.

How can we undo something that has been ingrained

from birth?

That still small voice of a parent, grand-parent saying this is not allowed.

How could you denounce, lower your societal status and risk becoming one of me?

So you try to change me to become like you. Is that more acceptable?

Brain-wash me so that every trace of me disappear.

Snap your fingers, beckon to me and I’m your puppet.

Perhaps others will like me and we can both fit in.

Serve all the others so that they’ll accept you and me  and we can

all live happily ever after.

You see me thru your own brokeness

Frankly you are afraid to undo what was taught from old and haven’t got the

balls to take a glimpse of the real me.

In fear that it may show up, highlight your own inadequacies.

So it is safer to remain in your own world and keep me in your box

With the misconception that you have the authority to take me out,

elevate me as and when you wish, just to satisfy your own self agrandisation.

Lord help us!! Teach me to show love above all this,

To demonstrate humility amidst such arrogance and sheer patronisation

You see me thru your own negativity

Break free from your mold!

Can’t you see I am fearfully and wonderfully made?

You see me?

Frankly, you haven’t began to see the real me.


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