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Identity…I am

I am a gift

I am holy

I am like my Father

I am planned for

I have his surpassing glory

I am a woman

I am a Jamaican

I am intelligent

I am protected

I am a jewel in his crown

I am a child of God

I am royalty

I am a child of a King

I am forgiven

I am new creation

I am a princess

I have the attributes of Christ

I am loved

I am free – set free

I am black

I am blessed

I am highly favoured

I am thought of

I am special

I am never alone!

I am made perfect

I am rescued

I am satisfied

I am part of the body of Christ

I am a success

I am washed and made clean

I have a home/mansion in glory

I am provided for

I am Christ servant

I am a priest of Christ

I am gifted

I am strong

I am precious and honoured in his sight

I am on his mind all the time.

I am not a prisoner

I am relational

I have a relationship with Christ

I am healed, redeemed and restored!

I am a born leader

I am legitimate

I am rewarded

I am good

I am listened to

I am Holy Spirit filled

I have an inheritance

I am the head and not the tail

I am rich

I am adored

I have a future

I am secure

I am confident

I have the mind and knowledge of Christ

I always have access to his presence

I am beautiful

I am made in God’s image

I am me

I am the light of the world!


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