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Love is Abundance


Love is patience in abundance – never gives up.

Love is kindness in abundance – cares more for others than for self.

Love is selflessness in abundance. It doesn’t want what it doesn’t have, shows honour and respect to others, seek out for the good of others – isn’t always “me” first.

Love is calmness in abundance – not easily angered or possesses a tendency to fly off the handle.

Love is forgiveness in abundance – it doesn’t keep score of wrongs or stubborn when others asked for forgiveness.

Love is truth in abundance – open, transparent, and takes pleasure in the flowering of truth.

Love is protection in abundance – always looking out for the other.

Love is trust in abundance – in each other and God always.

Love is hope in abundance – always looking for the best to come.

Love is perseverance in abundance – never looking back but keeps on going to the end.

Anything else fails, is deemed counterfeit because Love is overwhelming in abundance!

Of all the three virtues that will remain – Faith, Hope and Love,

The greatest of these is Love.

Love never dies 🙂

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Karen.M.Roach (Inspired  by 1 Corinthians 13 – The Way of Love)


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