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I’d Soonest Sit and Seldom Run

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If we could live our lives for best
We’d let our sun, a sluggard, rest
And gently turn our lives from speed
And find in nature all we need,
For what’s the point of mighty act
Or counting minutes so exact
When we could measure precious things
Like honeycombs and swallow’s wings?
Such cleverness that man deploys
To keep himself from simple joys:
To choose the life of treadmill rat
I cannot say I follow that.

To laze upon the meadow grass
And let the empty moments pass
To lie with mayflower by its stream
And idle banks of wind and beam
To breeze with hoverflies in flight
And gasp at lace-wings with delight
To roll with beetle to its grub
And whirl with twirling, curling bug:
It’s where I’ll find my happiness
And endless peace and thankfulness,
To choose a life that sings the sun
I’d soonest sit and seldom run.

David Seddon (1961-


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