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Dressed in track suit bottom, walking boots, t-shirt, wool jumper, a running pull over and jacket, I set off on a 90 minutes ramble to Horton park – part of my marathon training. It’s a cold day outside and I was dressed for the occasion.

I decided to divert from the normal path – away from the crowd  and find a quiet area to reflect. For a moment I got lost in a very quiet and lonely secluded area and could not find my way out. I started to imagine that I was having a Hansel and Gretel moment where I could not find my way home and that sooner or later a wolf would come and attack me from the woods  – okay that’s Little Red Riding Hood? Crazy woman! So I started to run and was finally reunited with a crowd of people.

It was getting dark and I kept thinking I shouldn’t have visited the park this late. Incidentally there was a lot of people around, probably because it was bank holiday.  I was almost  at the end of my walk when I thought that this hasn’t been that exciting at all except for my brief moment of being lost. Not that I visit Horton Park for excitement but it helps. I was just about to leave the park when I say a man with a remote trying to get a toy tanker over a muddy hill. Knowing me, I could not miss this moment!

“I am sure I saw you a few days ago with a toy car?” I said, to which he smiled and replied “Yes”.

“How many of those did you get for Christmas?” I asked, being a conversationalist. His reply I did not expect “Oh!  I have 12 cars, 2 tankers, 5 planes ” and the list went on. “It’s great fun”, he said, grinning like a young boy with his new toy. Ah! kindred spirit I thought, I should have got his number. lol. I’m sure I’ll meet him again.

Oh! The joys of Horton Country Park:-)


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