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How to attract attention…

In Horton Park or any other park:-)

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Wear a ‘Cancer Research’ beanie whilst running

Wear a  red Virgin London Marathon jacket

If you have never earned one, borrow one 🙂

Cycle in the mud, water, horse poo (optional) , it will make you look tough and adventerous.

Don’t be a wuss – from dust you came and to dust you shall return.

You will get men smiling at you and at times offering to show you the way.

I suspect there is a double bonus if you are a black women on a bicycle.

Slow down for the dogs!

Woof! Woof! who let the dogs out!

I’m only here to worship!

Cycle twice round the park including uphills.

If that does not interest you then you could flip a log and pretend to be doing  core training.  If not I can lend you a beanie!:-)

Fill your pockets with wild apples

You will get numerous stares

Inform them that it’s for the horses

You’ll get the response ‘Oh, I thought you must be very hungry!’

Never mind.

Another option is to leave home without charging your mobile

Ask a lady walking her dog to take your photo using her camera and email/text/facebook it to you.

Then tell her of the other person you met in the park who is a Men’s Health pin up, promising to to link up with her on facebook and  share the pyjama fashion video.

Oh! the joy of Horton Park.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Happy 2012!!!


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