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Sometimes life gets very small.

The frames of a moment are frozen in time

and all that is

is fear and a self

immobilized, disseminated by the past

in the present

experiencing the unspoken horror

of being seen

of being known

in this shame-filled place.

Choice- habit – patterns

entrench us here

where what is -is now – is lost.

Losing the present

we lose everything to fear

and create our own misery

our terror

our self hatred.

These are not from out there

but here where we refuse

to let life be fluid

to assert what we know:

all things come and go.

No need to identify



with this or that.

Being is always

is love manifesting

(like it or not)

all else

passing images

like dreams.

Wake from the dream.

Step out of patterns

and into Love

where you are




Don’t journal.

Play a musical instrument

or at least a CD


for pity’s sake

don’t vacuum

punishing the self.

Find compassion

compassion for the

self –

eat chocolate

write a love poem

for a friend 🙂

(Eileen O’Hea – ‘Manifesting in form’)


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