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In the name of Love.

Like a cat finding

it difficult to trust

this strange woman

who has invaded

his territory?

She looks nothing like

his previous owner

different colour

different voice

different habits

different boundaries

Standing there

with you

staring at me


you to come.

All I want

Is to hold

stroke you and

show you my love.

You move so quickly

darting in between


scampering up stairs,

avoiding my presence

if I ever try to come near

You meowed for my attention

when your meal is late

Reducing my role to

someone who respond only

to your needs,

depriving me of

any affection in return.

Time they say

is a healer

My only chance

to ignore

And I try,

but how

can we be in the same room,

the same house,

build a relationship


sharing our love?

I want to show you

new things,

talk to you,

spend time with you.

Love is no mere equation

nor a trade

Love needs no reprocity

but can be painful without.

I will not rush

but wait until

you are  ready

to trust

and receive

my love.


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