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Instant Captivation!

You move so gently, so


causing me to lose control

of my reflexes,

my senses.

Body yearning in

pain to just receive

your touch,

to catch one glimpse

of you.

Longing to drink of you

and  I’ll be fine,

you’ll be mine.

To touch your hand,

hear your voice,

Fearing  if I look

in your eyes

I’ll just melt and die.

How can I show you

my love?

This Agape/Eros



Yearning, learning

to give you my all.

Taste of you and see

the love waiting to

embrace me.

Drink of you and be


Mingled in your

presence and be still.

Ecstasy beyond

my imagination

And peace

rolled by,

Love – sweet peace.

How I yearn for the

touch of your hand,

gently leading to come

and dine,

be filled with your wine.

Your eyes met mine

in instant captivation

I surrender and

discover I am where

I want to be.

How can I shied away

from your presence?

So overpowering

Losing all my

energy,  will,

to make sense

of this powerful


Calling me into being

Exploring my inner


And as the days unfold

my attempt to suppress

my emotions for

over-spirituality fails.

To be in your presence

would be immensely

satisfying but I fear

I will be overcomed

in awe!

Your breath

propels me


into the very

place I least


or knew existed.

Oh! thou great love

enveloping my soul

touching it to it’s deepest core.


stripping, my heart of

all the façade of life’s encounter.


leaving me bare

for your holy touch,



Who is like unto you?

steadfast in love,

caring in touch

breathing your very

life into me;

To become

She who I

always wanted

to be!

Oh! Overpowering love,

rock me in your arms

let me not leave

your embrance,


Love is like death

and I surrender to

dying so that I

might live again.

(written on 12th August 2011 before mass) 🙂

Dedication to a friend.


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