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Be quiet, be still.



Sit here

and be


be still.


I am

the way

the truth

and the life.


No one cometh

to the Father

except through



Vocation is

a process

I will direct

your path.


So sit,

be quiet,

be still.


All who take

this road

without me


tire out,

grow weary.


I want you

to soar on

wings of a


on wings like eagle.



To run and

not grow weary,

walk and not faint,

climb mountains

without wavering,

I am training you for

the road ahead.


You will have shoes that will

not wear out.

clothes that will last,

eat and be filled.


Do not be like the others

who run ahead without

my direction,

like the horse without

a bridle.

Sit here for a while,

enjoy ,  learn what it

to be in my presence,

my company.


Shhh! Sit, be still,

Listen, learn

the sound of my voice.

Know my


Breath in my


Experience my



Except the Lord

builds the house,

the builder labours in vain.

All things are

possible with



So sit and

be still and


for me.


To hold your hand

and take you

along paths

you never dreamed,


knew existed!


Then you will

celebrate with

complete joy.

Thumping the

air with your fist

like a marathon


finishing a


knowing that

it’s God who

has got you

this far.


Shhh! Sit

and be


Shhh!  Just

be still.


Let me rock

you to sleep,

in my warm


Kiss your on the forehead

And sing  over you

with love.


Shhh! Just be still!!!

Be still and know that I am God!


(15 August 2011)


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