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You know me..

Lord, examine my heart and see it’s true devotion, my loyalty to God. Examine not only my life but my soul. You know my every thought, word and deed; from you there is no hiding. Lord, you have been privy even to my formation in the dark concealment of the womb.

You know me perfectly far beyond knowledge of myself, my every action, my every undertaking and the manner in which I pursue them; even my thoughts before they even crystalise and my words before they are uttered.

You perceive my thoughts – those that pertain to my wishes, desires and plans. You keep me under scrutiny so that I do not escape from you. Yours is a “wonder” beyond my human capacity.

There is no hiding from you, Oh Lord,  your divine omnipresence cannot be escaped. Your solicitious care and inescapable supervision overwhelms me.  The whole creation, even the darkness of night offers no hiding place.

You yourself put me together in my mother’s womb and ordained the span of my life before I was born. You know me thoroughly because you made me. You created my innermost centre  of emotions and moral sensitivity.

You know me as the One who formed me but I cannot begin to comprehend this creature you have fashioned. I can only look upon him/her with awe and wonder. The span of my life is sovereignly determined in your book – the heavenly register of God’s decisions. Your thoughts of me are vast and precious.

The sleep of exhaustion/complacency overcomes every attempt to count God’s thoughts and works but waking only floods my soul once more with a sense of your presence. The sphere of your presence is beyond the “gates of death”.

My zeal for you, my loyalty set me against my adversaries with a jealous inpatience with God’s patience to ward the wicked but I leave this to you. Your friend shall be my friend. Your enemy shall be my enemy.

Test me and try me, see the integrity of my devotion and keep me true. Examine my anxious thoughts and lead me in the way everlasting.


(From Psalm 139)


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