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Work: A Taste of Disdain?


When I was 13 my greatest ambition was

To live in a penthouse and be waiting each day

at home for my husband to return home from work

To his slipper and a home-cooked meal.

Apologies to the feminist!

I was only a teenager:-)

At 44 years old I am sure I am either

undergoing a mid-life crises or reverting

back to my childhood dream.

I am sure whatever happens between 13 and 44

was a big diversion and I have finally come to my


For the past 20 years everything revolved around

my career . It was my creative outlet, my form of

expression; it was me.

Until one day something called chronic fatigue brought

to realisation my powerlessness and that my passport

to the world  and life did not lie in my job.

Financial independence led to emotional independence but that could not compensate for my deepest need, my deepest level of discontent.

Yes, I’ve been to paradise but I’ve never been to me.

And so at 44, with my many work upheavals over the past year,

I relish the thought of not working at all.

Oh! my God, I forgot to get married! 🙂

That’s the price you pay for running after success.

So now I am at one of those moments in life – called a crossroad.

I can either revert back to and live my childhood ambition and there’s little chance of that as it involved one other party

I could run off to Jamaica and sit under a coconut tree, listen

to reggae music whilst sipping rum punch all day [another dream]

Or grow up..grin and bear it until I learn my true vocation…

To be…

Just be..


Copyright: Karen Roach


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