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Abba Medley

Hasta Manana + Andante Andante you Super Troupers.

People Need Love, so I hope you will Take A Chance on Me, although we know Love isn’t Easy and it could be a case of  SOS. However I Have a Dream that you will Lay all Your Love on Me, although I realise at the end of the day The Winner takes it all.

Knowing Me Knowing You, One of Us has Angel Eyes and the other is a Dancing Queen. After Chiquita and Fernando I was asking myself Why did it Have to be Me but actually I’m doing alright If it Wasn’t for the Nights.

The Name of the Game seems to be Money Money Money and I was Head over Heels, When I Kissed the Teacher. When All is Said and Done, Does Your Mother Know I Thank You for the Music and that you Rock Me, On and On and On.

The Day before You Came life was Slipping Through My Fingers and it felt like my Waterloo. I expect you would like me to Give You a Man after Midnight but instead I’m  Gonna Sing You My Love Song, The Way Old Friends Do.

Well Mamma Mia, So Long + Kisses of Fire:-)

Written by a friend


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