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Love Re-United

by Karen Roach on Monday, March 28, 2011 at 8:53pm

 I am sure I have been suffering from post-traumatic stress  for the past couple of months. Today I am re-united with my love – my baby! This morning I prayed ‘Lord I cannot do this anymore, please make a way’. And He sure did! with the help of  hunky South African friend Thabani who answered my plea. All I had to do was to send him a text saying ‘Please rescue me’!

He asked me what I wanted and within no time he came rushing to my aid. It is said in  Wild at Heart’ by John Eldredge that a men were made to hunt and women to be rescued.

And I was surely rescued!

Aaaahhh! The power of Femininity!. I think I will try this more often.

Me and my love were transported back to Ealing. I gave her a good wash,  rub down and pep talk…A little bit of rust but nothing I can’t cure..She still look and perform like a dream. I promise not to leave her again and will  make up tomorrow by taking her on a date – a spin in Gunnersbury Park.

She is now where she belongs – not outside in the cold but resting in a lovely warm living room.

Thabani, you have saved me! You can come round anytime for dinner!

I am now healed and will surely sleep better tonight!

Aaaahhh! the Jewel of Love!!:-)


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