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The Life of Riley

The Life of Riley
may be one of contentment at the expense of another
but this one has been forced upon me

Like Job what I dread most

have come upon me

My track record of holding

down a job is becoming a lifelong


This time I am sure

I did everything right.

My friend said, that was the

problem, as I tried too hard to fit in and

did not give them

anything to correct me on.

God! I feel like I cannot win

One minute I am too efficient and


I am told to fit in and slow down and when

I try to do so I am faced with another dilemma.


Be yourself – they say

That’s the problem!

You see…I am a type 3 personality according to

a recent Eneeagram workshop I attended.

Type 3 means being effective in

everything even to the point of

wanting to organise the world!

I am sure this is a learnt behaviour

as I am quite reflective

My aim for this year  is to

stop ‘doing’ and dabble at ‘being’.

My aim for Lent is to look

after myself ,

Fulfilling my greatest ambition of

being a girl:-)

And maybe God in this presnt

dilemma has created an opportunity for me to do so.

I must confess that work can distract me from

looking after myself – from the real me ,

forcing me to wear a facade of professionalism.

The issue is we need work to live.


So how do I cope this time,

with this episode of being out of work?

How do I live my so called ‘life of Riley’

.. however short.

Sit in the garden

Take a walk in the park, skip, dance,

attemping to climb trees in my old age

realising that youthfulness was a gift , a privilege:-)

And I have to resort to looking up at the tree and

not sitting in it:-)

Visit the local museum

Swim, steam, sauna

Surprised encounter with Syrian man in steam room

promising me a massage the next time he sees me?

Explore the local area

Write or try to, blog

Pray, reflect

Listen to long missed sermons on Premier Radio

Worship..listen to worship music..Premier Gospel


Lent course

Read, retreat, spiritual direction

Pamper – do my nails; get a facial, wax

Think positive

Cook, Eat healthy meals

Treat myself to a freshly made juice daily

Enjoy the sunshine

Sound’s like I’m ‘doing’?, no I’m dabbling

at ‘being’


When work doesn’t work anymore

Don’t stress..refuse to fall apart

Embrace the ‘ life of Riley’

however short

Bask yourself in the freedom it brings.

“Living the life of Riley” according to wikepedia:-)

suggests an ideal contented life,

possibly living on someone else’s money,

time or work.

Rather than a negative freeloading

or golddigging aspect,

it instead implies that someone is kept or advantaged.


So should I go out and find a Riley?

No, I’m putting my trust in God.

In every cloud there is a silver lining.
In every dissapointment comes an opportunity!
The sky is the limit!

My grandmother always told me

‘Reach for the sky, for if you fall, you will not fall too low’ 🙂

1 Peter 5:7 reminds me to cast all my cares upon him;

for he careth for me.

So with my Christian upbringing and my faith

I will hold on to words from Tim Hughes song ;


I’m counting on Your name

I’m counting on Your name

Counting on Your name to save me

I’m trusting You’re the way

I’m trusting You’re the way

Trusting You’re the way my Saviour


My ‘life of Riley’ is found in Jesus, because

He is THE WAY, THE TRUTH and THE LIFE (John 14:6)

Be blessed:-)




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