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Rainbow Fairy

I decided to change my blog name

as a friend of mine thought

it may give the impression

that I am an ordained priest.

Well not yet!

Maybe a few years from now.

I only choose revkmr as

wordpress refuse to accept

my other names

Sounds like my present

spiritual journey

WordPress being God that is:-)

Anyway I thought this best suits me

I actually stole it from one of the children’s

books I saw lying on the shelf

at my friend’s home.

On seeing it I thought – that’s me!

The Rainbow Fairies you see

represents the colours

of the rainbow and

are responsible for

keeping all the colours

of the fairyland

shiny and bright.

Things are never dull when

this bunch is around 🙂

So am I Ruby the red fairy?

Amber the orange fairy?

Saffron the yellow fairy?

Fern the green fairy?

Sky the blue fairy?

Izzy the indigo fairy?

or Heather the violet fairy?

Sounds like a lost of identity:-)

I want to believe

that within me there

is a touch of all the

fairies and that’s what  makes me unique.

And I pray God will give me His big heart; that His light through me will make your land shiny and bright and that things will never be dull when I am


Anyway I am not allowed to change my

username – just my blog name

So I want to think there is another

lesson in this….that this change of name

is not a ‘No’ but ‘Not Yet’

that I have identified who I am and

in a period of transformation

from a rainbow fairy

to an ordained priest

 (yes my friend)

So as I wait, I’ll kick off my shoes

and run barefoot along the sea.

Cause some people – like Karen… never grows up 🙂

Not too sure of

His take on my fairy theology

but hope this blessed  you



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