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Playing Teacher

Just confirmed today why I am not cut out to teach in schools. I was swimming  in the middle of a pool surrounded by school children, and what gets me was not the noise from the children but the adults shouting at them – and then I remember this is the part of  my time as teaching assistant that I detest..having to raise your voice in giving command or get children to respond.

My best times were in playground, playing football, tennis, skipping ; and even the gym and sports session.

But the policing part I am no good at. All that shouting saps my energy leaving me weak.

You could say I am no good at disicpling children but that is not the case. I believe in reasoning with children not shouting and at the  same time there are some children [depending on their background] that you just cannot reason with.

There were other good times though. Working with special needs children was an awesome experience!

The joy of entering a classroom with shouts of  Ms Roach, Ms Roach, constantly moves me. The satisfaction of seeing them achieve something that they weren’t able to do before.

If I could minus the shouting/policing from the job then it would be perfect but I guess that’s what is needed for bringing up children and I have to put my hand up and admit to being a novice.

For now, I will cherish my time as a teaching assistant and concentrate on a more suitable vocation minus the shouting……….as this little girl avoids shouting and just wanna have fun!


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