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Playing with words


 If only I could turn back time

I would have stayed,

hiding my books

in a desperate attempt

to keep me from leaving.

At 13 years old then

who knows about love?

With no responsibility

to make decisions,

life choices,

Be my friend?

Only if…

you carry my books,

get my lunch,

throw your blazer

over a puddle of water

so that I can cross,

I’m a princess you see,

Come with me to church

I’m a Christian too,

Throw yourself in the sea

I’m impossible!

Friendship blossomed

Teach me Spanish…

I’ll teach you English.

Rebelling against boarding

school principles.

Oh! we’d never be like them

we are different ,


Spending all our time together

reading classics,


pretending to be my Mr Rochester

And I’m your Jane Eyre,

Watching Mork & Mindy,

You’re my Mork

I’m your Mindy.

Revelling in each other’s company

You could not seperate the two.

Let’s run away together

Get married

Live in a pent house

Have twins

Zavier and Zadik,

Let’s come to our senses

Vowing to meet up years later

If we should ever seperate

and still single.

I had to leave but

life became unbearable

without you,

A few exchanges of letters

could not cure the pain,

Unable to wait

You found another

My best friend

How could she?

Determined to cope

suppressing the memories

I let go..locked my heart

And throw away the keys

into the same sea I once

asked you to jump in,

Vowing not to be hurt again.

20 years later

by chance we met,

I, your personal assistant

you, my manager,

Shock, horror sets in

Like a ghost from the past.

But the tables had turned

You became impossible

And I desperate to rekindle

our friendship

and even though you

tried to disguise

your identity

I still knew that 13 year

old – the one who

perseverved, stole my heart,

and was able to convince me that

love/friendship was

worth the risk.

If only I could turn

back time

I would have stayed

If then, I was able to choose….

I would have chosen you:-)


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