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Passport to Deception

Out of  her earnings
and hard work
she planted a vineyard
She unlocked it
to a stranger

she barely knew

her ‘brother’

who slowly crept in

camouflaged in the name

of ministry

To him and his acquaintances

she allow full access

to roam and

eat to their

heart’s delight.

A botanist of

the sidewalk

who slowly

stole all her grapes

 Foxes who

trampled her vineyard

leaving her with

weeds and fruitless



So many attempts to


And as she watched

them sprung up

The weeds of life

arrive to choke

the very life out of

her vines.

Frustration after


Lord forgive! she cried..

How much

longer do I have to

wait until

you fulfil your

promise that never

again will foreigners

eat the grapes

for which I have toiled

but I will harvest it,

drink and

Praise the Lord?*

And then He said

Stop trying to replant!

Let your land rest

“Do not sow your fields

or prune your vineyards”**

You were experiencing

a Sabbath.

Now celebrate! It’s the year of Jubilee!

The year of the Lord’s favour

has come upon you

You will be established with

a even bigger and

better vineyard.


Watch out for those foreigners,

scavengers, whose sole purpose

is to trample your vineyard

leaving you with weeds

and fruitless vines.


There is no God like Jehovah!

A restorer of broken lives:-)

* Isaiah 62: 8-9

** Leviticus 25:4


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