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To every thing there is a season

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven (Eccles 3:1)
This passage came to me as I relish the beauty of the autumn leaves whilst walking and riding back on my bicycle, listening to worship music, basking in the fresh air and contemplating if I am too old to check out the fun fair nearby. I must be experiencing a spiritual season of autumn, I thought – producing new leaves of varying colours, brown, red, yellow – the beauty of nature!. That’s why I love the outdoors – for me it is a spiritual experience drawing me closer to God – releasing my inner child …walking, dancing, running, cycling, singing..waving my hand in the air….no I am not crazy, I am just praising my God…

And then I thought, that even though each season brings varying experiences, I need to appreciate them for both the joys and pains…as it is through these that I experience new beginings..

BUT after autumn comes winter, I questioned.. and as I am relating this to my personal spiritual experience, I want to believe that the spiritual seasons does not necessarily match up to the earthly ones….and so for me Summer is in view…

Incidentally the song that was playing via my MP3 player was Where would I be if not for your grace! carrying me through every season’ ( Israel & New Breed…) which goes on to say…
Grace that restores. Grace that redeems, Grace that releases me to worship. Grace that repairs
visions and dreams, Grace that releases miracles.

So I want to thank God for this Autumn season which is transforming me, producing new leaves of varying colours and for His grace that has and will continue to restore, redeem, release me to worship Him; Grace that will repair my visions and dreams [probably even those of elves 🙂 and release a miracles of new season into my life!

I think I am healed of my passion for washing up ..until tomorrow 🙂

Be blessed! Karen

by Karen Roach on Saturday, October 24, 2009 at 9:21pm

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