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The Tradegy of a Woman

However much I try I just can’t seem to get away from house work! That is what I call the tradegy of a woman. I ‘love’ washing up with a passion! ‘Get paper plates’, my Mom says…and before you start recomending that I get a dishwasher, I already have one but I still have to pack and unpack the dishes. And I have tried getting a cleaner once but they don’t clean my house as good as I do and so it seems a waste of money…When I was younger I used to dream of waking up to a nice clean house , because my little elves visited the night before and did all the work..Yeah! I have read too many fairy tales but I must confess I still wish there were elves.

I tried to find a psychological explanation for my passion for washing up and I think it is because my Mom made me did too much when I was growing up especially when everyone was watching Dallas or Falcon Crest and I had to be washing the dishes..and so I am reliving my childhood experience.Now do you feel sorry for me?… .Some would say I need a good lick!.

I really hope there will be no dishes in the new heaven and new earth and that when Revelation 21: 4 says ‘ for the old order of things has passed away’ that includes ‘No washing up’. Not sure if this is theologically correct.. God may just appoint me as chief dishwasher in heaven…I know I am moaning..it’s just that lazy day has ended with housework.

Anyway I am feeling much better as I am enjoying the aroma of my home made soup coming from my kitchen.. Cooking is an art and fun…. but will someone please do the washing up!

by Karen Roach on Saturday, October 24, 2009 at 8:46pm



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