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London times!

My childhood dream of being a nun comes back at times to haunt this modern day ‘Maria’.
Whilst you are all basking in the sun (weather permitting) this bank holiday, I instead will be escaping with delight to a convent for a retreat . God knows I need it!
If I had to run there I would, but I guess this is not necessary with our reliable London transport.

Speaking of London, my decision to move here can only be described as turmoil which makes going to Bible College seems like sitting on a beach in Jamaica sipping a glass of rum punch.
I guess you can’t take the countryside out of a girl. I find London restrictive, steal my joy, stifle my authenticity and creativity (the little I have, that is) Journaling, even cycling have become less of a hobby. Going to church is even more of a chore.

The novelty of a day out in London has disappeared and I am left battling with tourist at the weekend, limited space to live and breathe.
This ‘melting pot’ or as my friend says this ‘smoke hole’ is becoming a claustrophobic nightmare!
I think I’ll move to the suburbs but first I need to exhale all that smoke and breathe in some fresh spiritual air.
So enjoy your crowded London streets, I’m off to a convent to meditate, reclaim my joy , my peace as well as indulging in some spiritual direction!
And if you are all wondering, where is Captain von Trapp in all this?
I am wondering myself – minus the kids, I hope!

You may find me running back to the real world after a chat with the Mother Superior.

Be blessed!

by Karen Roach on Monday, May 24, 2010 at 8:10pm


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