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It’s the way you make me feel…

Free to cry

Free to fly

Free to be adventurous

Without being pretentious

Free to be creative

Writing poems becomes native

Free to be a friend

Don’t even have to pretend

Free to love….unconditionally,

Exploring relationally

Free to be crazy

And possibly lazy?

Free to be feminine

Oh! It’s so easy to be genuine

Free to dream

My childhood redeemed

Free to connect with my inner child

And be wild

Free to aim high

Reaching for the sky

Free to lay aside all worry

And not be in a hurry

Free to advance with a dance,

Taking a chance at romance

Free to be spiritual,

Intellectual and surprisingly comical

Free to express

No room to be depressed

Free to exhale

Without getting pale

Free to feel, be healed,

Forgetting the past

Seeing life as a blast!

Free to comprehend

My heart is beginning to mend

Free to give with

No expectation of reciprocity to live

Free to unmask…

And just be..

The real me.

It’s the way you make me feel…

by Karen Roach on Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 10:11am


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