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Come fly with me.

I’m not happy! but
I should be,
Staying with friend
grateful for the generousity
after living the life of a traveller,
for the past 10 months,
Loads of free time at hand,
Time to reflect, relax
write, familiar surrounding,
chance to start running again,

cycling and just be me.


But I have reasons not to be

Unemployed for the last 3 weeks

Lack of my own space,

Loss of peace, new routine,

Missing my home,

Increased weight,

No gym .. with cycling, running

seeming like a distance past and

I am begining to forget the girl I love

who crave and relish adventure,

now replaced by a dormant almost

44 years old

slowly stifling

her joy, creativity and fun.  

Struggling to burst from this temporary

prison she or circumstances create.


In the midst of it all

there has been some amazing experiences,

Works of God,

New Acquaintances,

Inner renewal

Increased strength, knowledge…


And yet I so miss the

fun side of me….

Why are you dormant?

Wake up!

It’s almost as if you have become comfortable

with this boredom.

Losing your strength,

Spirit to perseverve;

Life may require you to be sensible


But please don’t

lose the butterfly within and

settle for this  mediocrity

I’ve lost the freedom to be me…

without you..

Come on !…Wake up,

Don’t give up!

Work with me!

One more step..

Look!  see the light at the end of the tunnel

You’re almost there!

It can only get better..

where’s your fighting spirit!

Break free from this cacoon

you’ve created and…

Fly with me!

(Karen Roach 01/02/2011 @ 23:26pm)


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