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Destination Roachland – I’m on the mountain top!

Ladies and gentleman welcome to destination Roachland

Laze about in bed 
 2 – 3 hours complimentary indulgence at a hotel gym of your choice

Relax, reflect, unwind, swim, Jacuzzi, steam, sauna

Bathe yourself in coconut and melon scrub

Repeat as often as you like

Don’t need much currency here– only the grace of God

My Jacuzzi companion is Asian, only 5, 7 , 8 years old he claim

A true gentleman in the making

Lied about his age in an attempt to get into the steam room

Until he realise he has  about 10 years or more to wait.

My steam room companion – South African, coughing to get my attention,

Enquiring  about the quality of universities in the UK.

What do I know ? –  he gladly appreciate my view though

As I emerge into  a serene, bright coloured  candle lit reception

I treated  myself to  Cappucino  – walnut, dates and sticky ginger biscuit..

Hmmmm!! Nice!

Watching gorgeously dressed women waiting-

The bridegroom appears covered under a canopy

Drums beating, followed by dashing men in suits

No sign of the bride

To which I later learn is still dressing for

An Indian wedding reception –

Ah! Culture!

Lord – you know my heart

Let’s be professional and read the Times

Only to be distracted by a gift shop near by.

Okay I will have a look – pretend I am interested in buying .

A pink bag caught my eye..My neice came to mind.

My heart melts – lost all logic

“Auntie can I have a bag to hold my bible?”

I hear her cry…and she is only  9 years old !

Giving in,  a lovely shop assistant helped  adding hair clips, pencil case, calling card to my buy.

Children ! If I had any, I would constantly deprive myself and spoil them.

Final stop – explore the loo

Wash, cream your hands in Gilchrist and Soave

Who are they?

Who cares..it must be good

If Christ is in it’s name.

I am greeted by the rain outside – a chauffeur would come in handy I thought.

What were you expecting?

Made for greatness with  a king in me!

Still  – no one can love me like my God

Ordination is needed for this role 🙂

He knows my heart and fulfils my desires.

I recommend Jesus, I recommed!

Amidst waiting for the 81 bus

with wet clothes hanging on the line at home

This rainy day is beginning to seem like a hot summer’s day

The joy of speaking to my neice, my sister

Sharing our views whilst

listening to a song on PremierGospel

Ladies and Gentlemen

I’ve arrived at destination Roachland

Don’t need much currency– only the grace of God

There is no valley here.             

 I’m on the mountain top! 

Who says God doesn’t answer prayers?


by Karen Roach on Sunday, October 3, 2010 at 12:17am


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