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Barnes Green

The peaceful sound of the wind blowing my hair across my face –  an epitome of calm and peacefulness.

In contrast with the rustling of leaves, sounds of aircraft flying in the sky

Birds chirping

Ducks quacking in the pond nearby

The footsteps and voices of passersby

Bus, car engines voomed by

children clapping , screaming for attention

The local farmers market varied, authentic and delicious food

Quaint shops of all varieties

Children’s, cookshop, cheese, expensive utensils

Octavia is the place to be –

exploring all those delightful charity bargains

My weekly rendevous

Encirled by trees with their leaves swaying by the wind

The pond behind entertaining seated ,reflective passersby

The wind and open space allows one to breath, escape, inhale the fresh air

Frequent dog walkers, children on scooters, cyclists

And at that moment something came into view

The cross on the Methodist church across the green

Centralising all my thoughts and focus as I wonder –

 why am I here?

Seated on a bench reading ‘The Jesus I never knew’

And then I realise …

The most important aspect of this adventure

 is that Christ is at the centre!

by Karen Roach on Saturday, October 2, 2010 at 11:08pm


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